Canada Student Visa

About Canada

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for students. It is the second largest county area wise in the world. The country offers excellent opportunities due to huge area and lower population, immigration is encouraged by the government. One of the reasons for high popularity amongst students is its student friendly policies and reputed education system. The country is safe and peaceful. There are several opportunities for international students they can study and work off campus for part time, can continue their work status after studies and can even apply for Permanent residence. Canada is culturally rich and diverse with different ethnicity. The country offers good value for money, in terms of education and post study career prospects.

Canada offers special program for Indian Students in form of Student Partner Program (SPP), prospective Indian students planning to apply for Canada student visa can apply under this program which has minimum requirements as compared to Non-SPP program.


The chances of getting Canada student visa under this program is good if basic criteria is met. Canada student visa is one of the most desirable visa for any prospective student aspiring for overseas education. Besides this there are several benefits for studying in Canada. Canada student visa can lead an easy pathway to good professional career in any part of the world.Student visa of Canada can promise a opportunity of nomination from province of study in Canada. Each province provides separate set of benefits to overseas student including pathways to settlement in Canada.

Admission Process

Education system in Canada differs from province to province. However generally minimum 12 -13 years of formal higher secondary education is required depending upon the province. Most of the Universities and Colleges have their individual criteria for admission of International students.

The admission criterion differs for undergraduate program and post graduate programs. Undergraduate programs include one year certificate courses, two to three year's diploma courses and bachelor's courses of three to four years. While post graduate program includes one year of post graduate certificate or diploma courses and generally two years of master's courses including thesis/project or research work.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs like Diploma, Advance Diploma and Bachelors:

  • Students need to have good academic records.
  • Higher Secondary marksheet /12th Grade marksheet with at least above 50%. In Universities percentage cut off is higher.
  • IELTS overall score of 6.0/ TOEFL (iBT) 79 or above preferred.
  • Study Gap of only 2 to 3 years immediately after previous qualification is acceptable.
  • Work experience letter (if applicable).


Admission Requirements for Post Graduate and Master's Program :

  • Students need to have good academic records.
  • For admission in Master's Program, Bachelor's degree or in some case 3 to 4 years of Advance Diploma with minimum 50% or above, is required.
  • IELTS overall score of 6.5 /TOEFL (iBT) 79 or above, preferred.
  • GRE/GMAT required in some Universities.
  • Work Experience letter (if applicable). For some programs prior work experience of year or two is mandatory.
  • Study Gap should not be more than 2-3 years after previous qualification.
  • For admission in creative or professional field, portfolio or detailed subject research is required.

TUTION FEES: CAD $ 14000 - CAD $ 16000 Approx. COST OF LIVING : CAD $10,000 Annually Approx.

Visa Process

For study programs of more than six months in Canada student visa is mandatory. For successful visa application you need to demonstrate that you are enrolled in designated learning institute, have sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, living cost and transportation expenses, should be law abiding citizen with no adverse criminal records, you need to show that you will leave Canada at the end of study period.

There are three different categories for study permit in Canada:

1. Student Partners Program (SPP)

Student Partners Program (SPP) developed in partnership between the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) and CIC is an arrangement between some of the selected Canadian educational institutions and the Canadian High Commission in India with an aim to provide quick and easy student visa process to the promising students.

2. University

Universities in Canada offer Bachelors program, Master's program and Doctorate programs, few universities also offer post graduate diploma program. Each University has its individual system of application with entry requirements. Requirements for GRE/GMAT/SAT and English language proficiency tests varies from University to University. While considering the applications, overall merit of the student is taken into account.

The Tuition fees for University are higher compared to Colleges and Institutes. Students are encouraged to apply as early as 6 months prior to intake. GIC is acceptable fund and even education loan from standard banks is an accepted evidence for living cost.

3. General (Non SPP)

Students can apply for Non SPP visa application wherein documentation and processing will vary, for Non SPP application more detail documents are required to prove financial capabilities and income sources. The colleges and institutes participating in SPP program are also open and available for Non SPP application. Further applications which are not applicable under SPP or University application are considered for General i.e. Non SPP application.

GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) is not mandatory, but acceptable. Bank savings, other investments and education loan is considered as part of Fund. The basic difference between SPP and Non SPP is the requirement of proof of Funds and Income proof. While benefits related to work permit allowed to students and post study work benefits remains the same for both the programs.

Processing Time for Canada Student Visa

For student visa the general processing time is 3 weeks, but for SPP the processing is quicker. The actual time may vary depending upon the volume of applications at Consulates or High Commission.